Ingo Maurer

Lacrime del Pescatore

The Lacrime del Pescatore (Tears of the Fisherman) by Ingo Maurer is simply stunning!
Layered nylon nets in three different sizes are laden with approximately 350 crystals that shimmer like drops of water.

The light source itself is not even part of this unique "light fixture" but is fixed separately to the wall and aimed to shine at the netting and crystals to illuminate them and brings them to life.
As an added touch it is packaged it in a fun "to go"container. Ingo Maurer calls it a cash and carry chandelier!

"Lacrime del Pescatore elegantly glitters during the day in sun-filled rooms creating magical displays on walls and surfaces. With little effort the installation of multiple models does create an impressive and poetic light object." - Team Ingo Maurer.