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  • No shipping fees on orders over $50
  • Hassle-free Returns
Our return policy is simple:

You can return your order within 30 days for a full refund. No hassle, no restocking fees!

There are a few exceptions:
    • Custom orders cannot be returned unless they have a defect.
    • Special Purchases, such as: Inventory Sale Items, Custom Quotes, Special Discounts.
    • Fixtures or ceiling fans that have been installed cannot be returned unless they have a defect.
    • Light Bulbs do not qualify for returns unless the error was the fault of Form + Function.

We like to be able to offer you truly unique products. We therefore show some lighting designs on our website that are not in our stock program.

We charge a restocking fee on the return of these products. If there is a restocking fee for an item, you will see it stated clearly in the item description.

On large or unique orders we reserve the right to notify you that we want to treat them as "special orders" with special return policies and restocking fees.

We generally cannot accept returns of large orders of the same product. We define large orders as 6 or more of the same product.  If you are ordering a large quantity of a specific product, we encourage you to order one first to make sure it's what you want. 

Orders totalling over $5000 may incur restocking fees if returned.

Your return must be in its original packaging and in new condition, suitable for resale. If your product has been installed, no refund will be given.

Once your product has been received and inspected, you'll receive a refund within 30 days. We deduct a minimum of $15 or the cost of any free shipping that was applied to your original order (whichever is greater).

How to Return an Item:

Simply e-mail us at We will issue a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA#), provide return shipment instructions, and assist you with all other return questions. 

Please do NOT return any items without contacting us first!

We will issue you a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA#), so we can identify your return when it arrives and refund your account. An RGA must be requested within 30 days of the receipt of the item and the item has to be received by us within 15 days of us issuing you an RGA. We can't issue any credit for shipments that were refused and therefore returned to us without an RGA#.

After receiving the Return Goods Authorization Number, you will have 15 days in which to return the product to Form+Function. After 15 days the Return Authorization will expire and no replacements or refunds can be given.

When returning product to Form+Function please pack the product in the original box with sufficient packaging material, mark the box with the issued RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number, and remember to insure the package.

Tip:If the outer box you received is in poor condition you will have to provide a new outer box. UPS will not insure boxes that will not hold up during shipment.
Any item received damaged at Form+Function is your responsibility and we can't guarantee a replacement or refund.

Mispriced Products

We try our very best to have accurate pricing, but realize that mistakes can happen.
We reserve the right to not fill an order if the pricing is incorrect.