Ingo Maurer

Johnny B. Butterfly

Working in collaboration with American artist Graham Owen, who creates exceptionally detailed insects, Ingo Maurer created the lighthearted and stunningly beautiful Johnny B.Butterfly in a small limited series of pendants. Butterflies and dragonflies dance around an over-sized light bulb, wrapped with a frosted strip of teflon that eliminates any glare. The insects on the JB Butterfly, JB Dragonfly and JB Flutterby light fixtures are made exclusively for Ingo Maurer, each individually handmade, colored with exquisite pigments from Kremer Pigmente in Munich Germany. No molds, plastic, wood, clay, resin or epoxy are used in their construction; each insect is an individual work of art, created to be beautiful, life-like, durable, and light as a feather.