Ingo Maurer

Flying Flames- Downlight

Flying Flames is a new, flexible chandelier system. The magical LED candles, presented by Moritz Waldemeyer and Ingo Maurer in 2012, are combined with simple and functional Downlight Elements. Both elements are placed freely with a magnet on the canopy board. The canopy board comes in two sizes. Flying Flames is designed to permit individual versions of a chandelier. You decide on the number of Flames and their color. Add one or two downlights for a pleasant light on a table below the chandelier. Choose between the rectangular for the smaller, square canopy, or place multiple canopy boards in a line to create a long chandelier. Place the elements as you choose, and adjust their height.
Circuit board, metal, anodized aluminum, plastic. Flame Element: two displays with each 128 dimmable LEDs, 0.6 W, 2700 K, CRI > 80 Ra. Downlight Element: 7 W, 2700 K, 530 lm, CRI > 90 Ra. EEC A+. With built-in LEDs. The light source is not exchangeable by the user. (As at Feb. 2014) 125-230 V, secondary output 38 V and 5 V. Maximum 25 W. The cables of the Flame elements are 200 cm long, those of the downlight elements are 250 cm long. Due to technical reasons, longer cables are not possible. Canopy 60 x 60 cm or 114 x 40 cm, height approx. 5 cm. Flame Element 43 x 3 x ca. 0.3 cm. Downlight Element 14,5 x 2,5 x 2.5 cm Both types of the canopy made of white lacquered steel are equipped with jacks for up to ten Flame Elements and a maximum of two Downlight Elements. The downlights are equipped with a touch dimmer with memory function. The flame elements are dimmable separately by holding down a small button on the circuit board. Integrated electronic ballast adapter.ŽÉ_?ĠŽÉ__ŽÉ_?Ġ__ŽÉ__?À_?¬܎É_?ĠŽÉ__ŽÉ_?ĠŽÉ__ŽÉ_?ĠŽÉ__ŽÉ_?Ġ___ Flame Element: Black or Red. Downlight Element: Black or chrome. Canopy: White