Ingo Maurer

Delirium Yum

Movement, light and water are three elements that appear again and again in Ingo Maurer's work. This light was made as a collaboration with his team member Sebastian Hepting. This stunning light is both organic and geometric, with its loose, flowing water and clean, modern design. With a swirling tank of water, this light is like nothing you've ever seen. Magnetic fields set the bar at the bottom in rotation, and the movement creates a swirl. The light and movement of the water is adjustable. Made of corian, crystal glass, carbon fiber and silicone. The mirror is of aluminum. Comes with a 35W halogen bulb, base GU4 (230/125/12V). External transformer. Motor is (max. power) 35W. Comes complete with PE ball, silver particles, tablets for water preparation and bulb. When using distilled water with a nontoxic additive, the water needs to be changed approx. every three months