Ingo Maurer

Aka_Tsuki, red

Aka_Tsuki is as much sculpture as light fixture. Aka_Tsuki was designed by Matthias Liedtke for Ingo Maurer in 2003. Illuminated by an opaline glass ball, a red pigmented bowl seemingly floats three-dimensionally on the wall. Made of metal and glass.
Electronic Transformer, black, with a continuous dimmer. Metal, glass. Illuminated out of an opaline glass ball a red-pigmented bowl seems to be floating three-dimensionally on the wall. The halogen bulb is available separately. Also works with LED light source. Base GU4, max. 35 W, 12V. For 230 or 125 volts, secondary output 12 volts. Electronic transformer, black. 125 V: push-button transformer Glass ball í«ÌÎ_8.5 cm. Bowl í«ÌÎ_28 cm. Length of cable 200 cm With continuously variable dimmer.