Ingo Maurer

24 Karat Blau

Metal, four gold leaf plates sealed in acrylic glass. The shades have four holes each, with which they can be suspended on the rods in various angles. The shades for 24 Karat Blau are made individually by hand. The gold leaf on the shades is beaten to a thickness of 1/10.000 mm, corresponding to 1.000 atomic layers. This allows short-wave blue light to pass through the molecules, with a warm yellow-gold light reflected inside the shades.
With halogen bulb 57 W, 915 lumens, 2800 K, 2000 h, CRI 100. 60 W. For 230 or 125 volts. Cable 230 cm. Special length 450 cm. Reflector for optional use. Red cable and rods.