Ingo Maurer

Lucellino Wall Light

Flight of fancy, Lucellino is available as a wall lamp as well as a table lamp. The special incandescent light bulb with small hand crafted wings made of real goose feathers is supported by a copper wire. The red electric cord adds a cheerful accent to this contemporary wall lamp. The wire is flexible, so the extension of the lamp from the wall can vary. We have several of the pieces from the "Birds" and "Lucellino" family on display in our showroom, and they of course draw a lot of attention. These exuberant pieces inevitably bring smiles on people's faces, and then the questions begin. The questions asked most frequently are how the light bulbs are changed and if the fixture is safe with the exposed wires. We can reassure everyone that the bulbs can indeed be easily exchanged. The wings are attached to a socket that looks like the base of a light bulb. The bulb screws into this holder. Because of the low voltage there is no danger in touching the wires. This tiny masterpiece is equipped with Maurer's own "Touch-Tronic" dimmer and is turned on and off and dimmed by a light touch of the bulb. The home lighting by Ingo Maurer is not only functional lighting for the contemporary home, but pieces of art.